TGP in the Press 1st September 2020 Aliter Invests in TGP

Finextra 25th August 2020

Finextra Aliter Invests in TGP

Private Equity Wire 24th August 2020

Private Equity Wire

Aliter Capital Press Release


Aliter Capital invests in TGP

TGP Aliter Press Release

Financial News 27th March 2020

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IBS Intelligence March 2020

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Financial Times Letter 3rd February 2020

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Evening Standard 10th December 2019

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Evening Standard 9th December 2019

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Bloomberg 25th April 2019

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Sky News 29th March 2019

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The Irish Independant 27th February 2019

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Business Insider 11th February 2019

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Business Times 21st November 2018

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Financial News 14th December 2018

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Irish Times 15th October 2018

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Growth Stories: Seeing When The Planets Are Aligned

Temple Grange Partners is a regulatory, risk and compliance consultancy providing managed advisory services. We focus primarily on financial services clients helping them with time-critical regulatory, risk, remediation and assurance needs, with the emphasis on practitioners with subject matter expertise.

– Eoin O’Shea, CEO Temple Grange Partners

Temple Grange Partners Joins Forces With US Firm

“When a Chief Compliance Officer combines deep practitioner expertise with risk data and technology capabilities, the compliance function can achieve much-desired efficiencies.”

– Thomas C. Brown, Senior Vice President, U.S. Commercial Markets and Global Market Development, LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Paradise Papers: Wealth Management Sector to become more transparent

“…. it will focus attention on those centres and advisers who are best able to help their clients to satisfy the reputational test, meaning the need for structures to have a defensible purpose and demonstrable commercial substance”

– Eoin O’Shea, CEO Temple Grange Partners

“The right product at the right time” – Michael Spencer

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