Alfie White

Thai Boxing, or Muay Thai, is known as the “Science of Eight Limbs” because of the hugely complex array of manoeuvres in defence and attack. It requires intense discipline and a well-executed strategy. It is Alfie White’s sport of choice.

Like all martial arts, success in Muay Thai depends on precise use of energy; on expending minimal resources to maximum effect. This is an incredibly useful principle in business, and applying it is Alfie’s great strength.

A recent Anti-Fraud engagement with a major European bank exemplified the value of Alfie’s approach.

The bank in question was losing more than a million euros a month to debit card fraud. Problems like these are of course deep and intricate. Getting to the bottom of them takes huge sums of experience and expertise, and Alfie has plenty of both. He has an impressive track record of solving the full range of financial crime compliance issues for his clients –  from Anti-Bribery and Corruption, Know Your Customer and Client Onboarding, to Anti-Fraud, Sanctions, Counter-Terrorist Financing and PEP. Years working in global banks make cross-border work second nature to him.

Above and beyond this intricate knowledge, there are more fundamental characteristics that make Alfie a fast and highly-effective practitioner.

“I develop realistic plans for getting things done. And then I get them done. I put solid, workable project governance in place: good reporting, sensible, credible plans with defined tangible outputs.”

Coupling this highly efficient, watertight project management to years of experience working for banks, rather than just at banks, means that teams under Alfie’s direction get things done quickly and well.

“We landed on site early December 2016 and by Christmas we’d completed their current state assessment. By March we’d worked up a plan for defining their new target operating model. We recommended that the bank make a new and very senior hire, then helped them find the candidate.”

Key to Alfie’s success, and that of his team, is their understanding of the banking environment, particularly of the pressures exerted on leaders in banks. Meetings, which can be the bane of a banker’s life, are kept short and productive.

“We use weekly status meetings to give senior executives a clear picture of the project: what have we done, what are we doing next, what do we we need from them to get the next thing done.”

The effect of Alfie’s approach is two-fold. His teams make very little impact on the resources and time available in their clients’ organisation, and a very great impact on the problem they have been bought in to solve.


Alfie White, Partner and Head of Business Development


  • Global Head of Strategy and Change, Financial Crime Compliance at Credit Suisse
  • Global Head of Strategic Planning and Change, Financial Crime Risk at Barclays
  • Programme Director Financial Crime Risk at Ulster Bank